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Dryer Vent Trapping Water

Check out the video to see what can happen when a dryer vent isn't installed correctly. An improperly installed dryer vent that was "pitched" in the wrong direction was trapping water.

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Tumble Dryer Fire

A tumble dryer caught fire in a Haywards Heath building yesterday (Thursday May 15).

Firefighters were called to a three-story building in Sydney Road at 2:10pm.

The fire was in a tumble dryer in a ground floor launderette.

The dryer had five percent fire damage and 15 percent smoke damage.


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Dryer Fire in Apartment Caused By Blocked Vent

A dryer fire at a Kalamazoo home drew a large response from Kalamazoo Public Safety officers Sunday afternoon.

KDPS Sgt. Matt Schemenauer said officers responded at 12:57 p.m. to a residence located at 2319 S. Rose St. on a report of a basement fire.

Schemenauer said officers were able to contain the fire in the basement before extinguishing it, and eventually determined the...

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Dryer Fire causes Major Damage

Recently, there was $50,000 dollars in damage to a home in Hamilton, due to the dryer catching fire! There are a few different reasons dryer’s can start a fire. The leading factor of dryer fires according to the NFPA (National Fire Prevention Associtation) is “failure to clean,” meaning lint!

Remember, it is suggested by dryer manufactures to get your dryer vent inspected and cleaned...

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